Volunteer Application for Printing

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the PHC. Depending on your gifts and interests, opportunities range from helping out with office tasks to counseling women who need care. All our volunteers are trained and prepared to provide quality care.

As my retirement date drew closer in 1999, I started to think about filling the many free hours that would be mine. Several times I had seen an insert in my church bulletin about the Pregnancy Help Center needing volunteers and I thought that might be the right choice for me. Almost, eleven years later, I know it was the right choice!

I stopped by the PHC office and informed them of my interest. If I remember correctly, I had to have a recommendation from my pastor and two friends. My training consisted of watching a series of tapes at the center about a biblical and a practical approach to counseling women who are abortion minded. I used a manual in conjunction with watching the tape. I was able to do my training at times that were convenient for me. I sat in with already trained counselors to observe how they dealt with clients. The staff and other volunteers were always most supportive. Finally, I was ready to solo!!

I volunteer one afternoon a week and during the years have seen many clients. Not all of the clients are abortion minded. Many are poor women, who are pregnant or who have just had babies and need help obtaining diapers, wipes, baby clothing, cribs, car seats, etc. The supply closet is filled with donations that are received from church groups and individuals. These supplies are given to needy clients, who often have no where else to go for help and it supports them in their decision to carry and not abort their child. Information about housing, area churches and parenting is also available for those clients who request it. Post abortive counseling is available for women who are troubled by past abortions. There is a doctor available for clients who wish to make and appointment at the PHC for a sonogram. Seeing her baby on a sonogram vividly makes the client aware of the precious life within her.

While interviewing clients, I share God’s gospel and love with them. Many have not been to church in a while and it is wonderful to see them begin to realize that religion and God’s Commandments should be playing a more important part in their lives. Many accept a copy of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. These have been most generously donated to us.

When not speaking with clients, I help out with clerical and cleaning tasks! The volunteers, staff and board members are from different church backgrounds, but all work tirelessly toward our common goal of making this nation an abortion free one. My hope is that more people will become involved in this most important ministry.

Joan, Volunteer at the PHC


If you are interested in finding out more information about opportunities to volunteer at the PHC please fill out this form. We will contact you shortly to get the process started.

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